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This agreement is between breeder ________________ and purchaser___________________ on ________ 2020

Seller information



City_______________ State_____________ zip__________

Purchaser’s phone number ________________________

Driver’s License/ID_______________

Email address____________________________


Congratulations on choosing a purebred Australian Shepherd puppy from Roosters Brand of Aussie’s. We are excited to add you as part of our family!



A non-refundable deposit of $250 for limited or $500 for unlimited is required to reserve a puppy of your choice. The outstanding balance will be due when puppy is picked up at  8 weeks of age or beforehand. It has been mutually agreed on that puppy will be held by seller for at least eight weeks unless other arrangements have been made. Those arrangements will be in writing and added to this agreement and signed by both parties if applicable. If purchaser changes their mind after payment of deposit, they forfeit their right to said puppy as well as deposit money.

All deposit is Nonrefundable.

 If some unforeseen event happens to puppy while in my care resulting in serious injury or death after deposit is given, purchaser will be given two choices;

          1. Be given full refund of deposit or

          2. Put deposit towards another puppy.

If there are no available puppies in this litter, deposit can be rolled over to the next available litter. Breeder always reserves rights of first choice; arrangements will be made as to where purchaser will be placed on the next list.


Purchaser understands that they are buying a ____limited registered / _____unlimited registered Australian Shepherd puppy. Puppy will be registered with ______ASDR and/ or _____AKC   NO OTHER REGISTRIES ARE ALLOWED AND YOU MAY NEVER REGISTER AS A MINI AMERICAN SHEPHERD.




             Limited registration puppies are sold under a spay/neuter contract. Purchaser is aware that registration will be retracted by seller if no proof of spay or neuter is given. Spay or neuter must take place at or by 15 months of age for this contract to stay valid. Puppies sold on limited registration cannot to bred or shown. Purchaser agrees not to register said puppy with any registry under false pretenses and also agrees not to sire out or breed. Purchaser agrees to pay a penalty of $5000 dollars if said dog is found to be registered falsely, and or if male dog was sired out or female dog breed /had a litter(s).( Falsely is described as anything other than what this contract states. ) A limited registered dog can and is encouraged to be a part of any dog sport, obedience training and rally competitions, therapy/service training, etc.


           Unlimited registration is sold with full rights. This means breeder sees that said dog shows potential to be shown and or bred. Purchaser agrees to reevaluate said dog at two years of age to see if dog meets all heath and conformation standards before breeding. Purchaser will receive filed registry paperwork within 30 days of sell of puppy.  All puppies must have my kennel name, Roosters brand and or abbreviation RB’s as a prefix in said dogs registered name. Purchasers kennel name can be added as a suffix. Purchaser agrees to pay registration fee at the time of purchase of puppy in the amount of $_____. If possible, paperwork will be filled out and sent in same day, 30 days is granted to purchaser as a grace for the time to come up with a registered name. Purchaser agrees to pay a penalty of $5000 dollars if said dog is found to be registered falsely, and or if male dog was sired out or female dog breed /had a litter(s) before being reevaluated.( Falsely is described as anything other than what this contract states. )

Registration number _______________

Puppy description ____ male ____Female

Birth date _______

Breeder’s call name _________________

Purchaser’s new call name____________________

Color/pattern description________________

Sire information_____________________

Dam information_______________________


Payment agreement

Purchase amount $_____________ Registration amount $__________ $shipping fees_________ $ total_______

$__________ was received as deposit on waiting list via          , $ _______  was received as hold deposit via _______, paid in full amount of $_______ plus $ Registration fee of $__________ was paid on __________ via __________.

Deposits and full payment are due on or before purchase date of _________. Deposits can be made via Venmo or Zelle. Remaining amount due can be paid via Venmo or Zelle two days prior to pick up or cash on day of pick up. No personal checks accepted.



Purchaser is responsible for picking up dog at breeder’s location. We will not be shipping dogs as a rule. If a special circumstance comes up, arrangements will be made in writing ahead of time, added to this contract and signed by both parties.

Other arrangements/agreements _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Purchaser understands that the breeder has a warranty for said puppy’s health and has read and agreed to it. Purchaser understands that if any part of heath warranty is violated the whole contract is null and void._____________



Purchaser understands that said puppy is up to date on all vaccinations and deworming’s required for its age at the time of this agreement. A record and schedule will be provided upon sell of said puppy.

Purchaser agrees to have said puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt of sale, excluding weekends. If 48 hours falls within a weekend, a visit must be scheduled and completed within the first available workday. If puppy is found to be in poor health, as determined by a licensed vet and agreed upon by my vet. A written statement by purchaser’s vet explaining health issue must be provided within 24 hours of visit. Once written statement is received and evaluated by my vet, purchaser will be given two choices.

  1. Purchaser can elect to keep said pup and will assume ALL financial and practical care costs involving issue in written statement from vet. And purchaser can receive a puppy from one of our upcoming litters for half the original puppy listed price.

  2. Purchaser may return puppy and Breeder will replace said puppy with one of the same sex, size, and coat color from first available litter (exact puppy to be determined by Purchaser) Return of said dog fees will be purchaser’s responsibility.

** Additionally, the breeder will not be responsible or obligated to pay any veterinary expenses at any time.

The breeder has done everything possible to produce healthy, sound puppies; both by breeding only dogs that are not known to have any genetic faults and by raising the dogs, and puppies in a way (through diet, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care) that promotes their good health.            ___________                    


We will not accept responsibility for any harm that comes to the dog once in your possession such as accidents,

electrocution, heat related conditions or any other related actions. Seller does not accept responsibility for contagious disease diagnosed 5 days after date of possession.. ___________


 This warranty applies to the original buyer and is not transferable


Health Warranty

Roosters Brand of Aussies breeding program offers our buyers a 1 year health Warranty. We call it a warranty instead of a guarantee because we fully believe that both parties have to do their part in insuring the health and longevity of our dogs.

Genetics – We do our part by testing each of our breeding females as well as make sure the studs used are tested for the following and are clear or paired with clear;

•             DM – Degeneration Myelopathy

•             HC – Hereditary Cataracts

•             CEA – Collie Eye

•             PRA – Progressive Retinal Atrophy

•             PRCD – Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

•             CMR – Canine Multi-focal retinopathy

•             Hemophilia

•             HCM – Hereditary Cobalamin malabsorption

•             NCL – Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

•             Hyperuricosuria

•             Mdr1 – Multiple drug reaction

•             OFA – Hips and elbows

Things like hip, eye and heart health, as well as other health issues are influenced by outside factors, which once pup is out of our hands, we can’t control. Such as diet, supplements, exercise, etc. So our warranty has standards which need to be met by you. ___________



                Purchaser agrees to prove through receipts and your vet that you are feeding your dog a high quality food. We highly recommend Nutrisource Small to Medium Puppy and Nutrisource Adult food. ___________

                High quality food if defined as food that has superior quality protein and healthy fats. Not full of fillers, wheats and carbs. Contains premiums grains, minerals, vitamins and even probiotics. If your dog has to be on a special diet, for whatever reason, and they have to eat something other than what’s stated above, you must be able to provide a written statement from your vet explaining what your dog has been advised to eat and why.


                Purchaser agrees to prove through receipts and that you are supplying your dog with NuVet supplements as agreed to for overall health. Use Breeders code 946323 when ordering online and/or call 818-865-2600___________



                How your pup is raised will greatly determine hip and elbow health. We will assure they have the best genetic start as well as the best environmental start. It is crucial that young pups are brought up on proper surfaces to develop well. It is also crucial that new pet owners do their part.

                Purchaser agrees to prove that their young pup was brought up on adequate non slip surfaces. ( ie videos/pictures, testimony’s)______________

                Prove that pup was not exercised improperly at a young age; jumping, excessive walks, hikes, runs, agility courses etc. before growth plates are fully developed. (vet determination will be needed)______________

                Diet also plays a role in healthy hip/elbow growth and development.

Eye health

                Diet is a major factor in good eye health.

                Also, just like in humans, knowledge that blue eyes are more susceptible to sun damage is crucial. If your dog has light or blue colored eyes.

                ** Purchaser agrees to be able to prove you are in regular contact with your vet, and steps are in place to assure your dog’s eye health, i.e. googles, or whatever vet recommends.


                If your dog develops one of the above-mentioned conditions, and it can be proven that it is genetic and not environmental Roosters Brand of Aussies will stand by you. In order for a particular condition to be proven, it must meet all of the above criteria as well as dog will need to be evaluated by your vet, my vet (either in person or by phone/mail consults) as well as a possible 3rd. vet if the two can’t agree. Everything will need to be provided to us in writing by your vet. Purchaser agrees to the above and to be responsible for any accruing costs to determine proof.  Once proof is determined, you will be given two choices.

1.            Keep your dog. Assume all financial responsibilities for the dog in regards to said condition and we will refund the purchase price, excluding deposit. Or;

2.            We will take back your dog and replace it with a pup of equal value ( limited/unlimited registration value)

                * Replacement pup will be at our discretion, timing and choice. Depending on litter availability. 

                * Pick up and or shipping costs will be your responsibility.

                * Color and sex of pup will not be a guaranteed match.

                * If we decide at any time to stop breeding, or we feel a replacement is not a good idea, we have the right to only offer choice number 1.

                * We secure the right to offer a refund excluding deposit, and taking dog back without a replacement pup if it is deemed that dog and or pup will not be able to be properly cared for. ___________

Vaccinations –

             Purchaser agrees that it is their responsibility to make sure that said puppy is up to date on all vaccines and yearly boosters and has appropriate vet care for life.


Temperament - a sound mind is important, and is part of a healthy dog. Roosters Brand of Aussies has done our part by choosing bloodlines with sound minds as well as correctly socializing  them to many different stimuli. (Simple put a sound mind is defined as; ability to adapt without being overly aggressive or overly timid. Not being terribly fearful resulting in unstable aggression.) We will stand behind the soundness of our dogs as long as you do your part as well. ___________


•   Purchaser agrees that correct socialization must continue throughout the different stages of said dog’s life. It cannot stop at 8 weeks of age to be effective._________

•             Purchaser agrees that said dog needs proper training and understands that  said puppy must attend puppy obedience classes to help with proper socialization skills. Proof of classes taken as well as a written statement by an educated behavioral trainer will be required if temperament of said dog is questioned by purchaser.________

Roosters Brand of Aussies does NOT cover conditions such as cancer, seizures, allergies or other health issues that cannot be tested for.  We do our best to choose bloodlines that do not have these issues in them, but it cannot be avoided all together.  We also do NOT cover accidents that may or may not result in death of any kind.

In the event that purchaser is unable to keep said dog in accordance with this contract agreement, I, Amber Bustamante, owner of Roosters Brand of Aussies has the right of first refusal for the agreed upon amount $500. If purchaser cannot keep and care for said dog, purchaser agrees to notify Roosters Brand of Aussies immediately. Purchaser agrees not to abandon said dog to a shelter, or anywhere else. Purchaser agrees to not give said dog away or sell said dog in part or in whole. If said dog has been found to have had any of the above take place Roosters Brand of Aussies has the right to take legal action and original purchaser of said dog will be responsible for loses which include purchase price of said dog (listed above), not to exceed $5000, a penalty of $1000 as well as any and all legal and non-legal fees incurred, including travel and or lodging expenses, paperwork and mailing expenses and anything else that pertains to this legal action. __________

Contract becomes null and void if any of its parts are violated by purchaser. Contract is nontransferable._________

In the event of a dispute and litigation the venue jurisdiction shall be in Riverside county, state of California. Purchaser agrees to assume ALL costs as mentioned above.

A photo copy of this document is as legal and binding as the original.

I have read the above and agree with all the contents of this contract as evidence by my signature below.

Purchaser signature _________________________Date ______________


Breeder’s signature ________________________ Date ________________

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