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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

1. How much are the puppies?
- Our Merles start at $1400 pet price and our Tris start at $1200 pet price (blue eyed tris start at $1600) *additional amount for full rights* our puppies include a strict De-worming schedule, age appropriate shots, a 1 yr health guarantee contract, microchipped, vet checked, genetically tested parents and ASDR, AKC or ASCA registration papers.

2. How much is the deposit? 
- Non Refundable Deposit is $250-$350. It goes towards the total of your pup. The deposit is NON-refundable unless something happens on our end of things. If that is the case we will allow a transfer of deposit to a different litter or pup.

3. Do we ship? How much is shipping?
- Yes we do ship. The cost is usually around 400-600 depending on time of year and area being shipped too. The cost of shipping will include a Flight Health Certificate as well as a kennel that your pup will be delivered in.

4. Do you have puppies available? 
- Usually, No. Our pups generally go very fast. And we have a waiting list at all times. Message us to be placed on our list 

5. How does the wait list work? 
- We will take down the sex and color of the puppy your want and create a list of people for puppies. Waiting list deposit is $100 non refundable payment, and $250 deposit once puppy is selected. Once the puppies are born we allow everyone to choose their puppy in order of the wait list. Once the puppies have been chosen, we allow everyone to name their puppy and we begin calling them by that name. Also we will start tagging you in all photos of your puppy as well as posting weekly pup dates!

6. Do you have a private Facebook group that we can see past puppies? 
-Yes! We have a group name Roosters Brand of Aussies Group all current puppy owners are on this page, and post tons of updates. A place where everyone can see litter mates growing up and ask questions etc.

7. Will you take a puppy back if it doesn't work out? 
- Of Course, we do not want to see any of our pups in shelters!

8. Will you do any socialization? 
- Yes, we interact with the puppies daily. All of our dogs love the puppies and play with them once they are able to go outside and play. We also have lots of friends and family that come and play as well as goats, horses and kitties.

9. How old are the puppies when they can go home.?
- We will keep our puppies until 8 wks if we feel they need more time we will keep them longer for their safety.

10. Which food are you using?
- We use a kibble from NutriSource called Small Breed Puppy and adults Seafood Select. 

11. What forms of payment do you accept?
- We accept cash, checks, Square or Venmo. We do NOT accept checks for the pay off balance!

12. Will tails and dewclaws be removed?
-Yes! We will have tails and dewclaws removed as that is breed standard and what is safest for herding breeds.

Should you have any other questions feel free to message us we are available most of the time!

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