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 Waiting List

Please read this page completely and submit form 

along with your nonrefundable deposit. 
(Deposit accepted via Venmo Amber‐Bustamante‐1 or

Zelle -
$100.00 NONREFUNDABLEFOR 2021-2022 Litters puppy picks are in the order of deposit received. These puppies are in high demand, therefore buyers are often expected to choose their puppy by photos shortly after birth.  

Please read this page in its entirety before submitting the request.


To view our current waiting list

All deposit is Nonrefundable. 

If puppy of choice color/sex is not available out of our next litter, the deposit will roll over to the next available litter.  This also applies if a buyer originally puts a deposit down on a litter and pregnancy of the dam does not go full term.  
If a puppy of original choice of color/sex (as stated above) does not become available within a one year period form time of first litter being born (not from the date deposit is received), the deposit will be returned. If the buyer does not specify color/sex above, it is implied that the buyer is open to any color/sex of a puppy, therefore, a deposit is good for one year from the first available litter born. 
There is no guarantee on size of litter, puppy, markings, or eye color. Any reasons above said party voids this agreement and deposit is forfeited.  
Once the potential buyer has selected their puppy the second nonrefundable deposit of $250 is due within 48 hours to hold the said puppy. At which time seller will provide a finalized contract for said puppy.  


**Please be aware that puppies go home at 8 weeks of age. If you are unable to pick up your puppy at this time, a boarding fee of $25 a day will be charged for each additional day a puppy is kept over the breeder's scheduled pick up date (unless otherwise agreed upon) 
Pick up date is determined to be 8 weeks from the exact DOB of the puppy.  
Breeder always has priority pick(s) over/before any Buyer(s) pick(s) 

**Receipt of $100 non refundable deposit validates this agreement, and must be received within 24 hours** 

Waiting List Request Form

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"Roosters Brand of Aussies Waiting List"

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